Video Production & Editing

We prioritize the creation of an unobtrusive and relaxed environment during our shoots, redefining the concept of being a 'fly on the wall.'

Our skilled crew has successfully covered a wide range of events, including industry conferences, university courses, and interviews. Additionally, we offer the capability to live-stream your event to a global audience using a multi-camera setup.

It is our goal to capture high-quality and visually appealing footage without diverting attention from your event.

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Whether on location or in our studio, our live streams are designed to set you apart

We operate two TV studios equipped with control rooms, perfectly suited for live-streaming multi-camera panels, interviews, or events. Our live streams feature animated titling, graphics, and branded templates, ensuring that clients recognize your logo and acknowledge the content's source. We specialize in enhancing the production value of your streams, whether in our studio or at live events on location.

Our team excels in producing nationwide hybrid events, offering expertise not only in video production but also in event registration, analytics, and streaming platforms.

Moreover, we have the capability to create custom online landing pages for your audience, providing a cost-effective alternative to paid platforms when hosting live streams or hybrid events. Don't hesitate to reach out to speak with one of our producers, who can guide you through the process and develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Editing

Our post-production team has a wide variety of talents to fine tune any project. With extensive expertise in both Adobe and Final Cut, we're equipped to handle a wide spectrum of footage and projects.

From non-linear and multi-camera editing to color grading and sound mixing, we polish every project until it shines. Our versatility extends to motion graphics and design, where we give you the extra flare to take any production to the next level.

We prioritize collaboration and can seamlessly work alongside clients, whether digitally or in person. We take pride in our ability to make the editing process both painless and efficient, with a final product everyone is happy about.

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